Find out what shape you’re really in!
live blood an
A single drop of your blood will reveal these imbalances:
 Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies
 Circulation problems
 Immune weakness
 Yeast / candida infections
 Kidney weakness
 Liver stress
 Parasites and bacterial infections
 Free radical damage

Nutritional Live Blood Analysis (NLBA) involves the examination of a fresh drop of living blood under a high power video-microscope that has a close circuit video system which projects the microscopic image onto a computer screen for simultaneous viewing by both the consultant and the client.
The size and shape of the red blood cells indicate nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems, absorption problems and the damaging effects of free radicals. The degree of deficiencies, infections and the extend of free radical damage will be pointed out.
Tip: At our Health Centers, use Live Blood Analysis / Peripheral Blood Smears to measure the effectiveness of any health solutions by comparing the photos of your blood over a period of time. The proof will be there in plain sight – proof that your body is healing / or not. Ask what the differences in photos mean. This ability to witness first-hand  the quality of your cells improving puts YOU in charge of your health and give YOU control over your health solutions!