How does ozone work? (The practical explanation)

Ozone reacts with moisture on the skin producing oxygen and oxidation products which is partly absorbed in the bloodstream and the lymph.

Advantages of ozone:

  Increased circulation
  Improved energy levels
  Improved concentration and focus
  Improved memory
  Neutralize acids
  Alkalize the body
  Relieve pain
  Reduce stress and Improves sleep​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus (this means the immune system gets a boost)

Caution: Only use ozone under care of your healthcare provider

Ozone in drinking water

There is no ozone in drinking water. Ozone is not stable, so when released into water it breaking up on contact into one oxygen molecule and one highly reactive single oxygen atom (O3 = O2 + O1). These reactive molecules then kill all pathogens in the water before binding with another single atom to form oxygen again. This happens within seconds and therefore, there is no ozone in drinking water, only elevated oxygen levels


(Technical Explanation)
(Highlights from the book by Dr Bocci)

White blood cells use peroxidation to destroy viruses.
Ozone treatment stimulates white blood cell production.
Ozone, owing to its dipolar moment and high solubility, dissolves in the superficial fluid film and reacts immediately with polyunsaturated fatty acids of the sebum, generating Reactive Oxygen Species, hence H2O2 and an array of Lipid Oxidation Products. These can be partly absorbed and pass through the epidermis, derma and capillary wall to enter both the lymphatic system and the bloodstream. Hydrogen Peroxide and other ROS have a short half-life and will be reduced quickly.

Hyperthermia Ozone Therapy increases the absorption of ROS and LOP’s


During the treatment, there is a loss of 300-500g of water due to intense perspiration, normal for sauna bathing.

BOEX (Body Ozone Exposure) has its distinct advantages; it is simple to perform, fairly inexpensive, non-invasive and does not involve the handling of potentially infectious blood.


1. Heat accelerates heart rate (Relevant precautions apply)
2. Fatty acids in and below the skin is sweated out


Hyperthermia is now medically endorsed in treatment for cancer – (patient is put under)
1. Increase white blood cell count – supports the immune system
2. Assist with detoxification through sweating
3. Vasodilatation causes quicker and therefore more absorption in the peroxidation process to oxygenate toxins which is exactly what the immune system does
4. Un-clumping of red blood cells
5. Cost factor

Thus – it assists in strengthening the immune system and lowering levels of toxins.

No ozone actually enters the skin. Ozone interacts with water gathered on the skin, whether from steam or sweat, forming R.O.S.’s and C.O.P’s. Ozone dissipates quicker at higher temperatures – this may influence the amount of R.O.S.’s and C.O.P’s forming.

R.O.S. – Reactive Oxygen Species.

C.O.P. – Lipid Oxidation Products.

Peroxidative Process – H2O + O3 = H2O2 + O2 (water + ozone = peroxide + oxygen)

In summary: Treatment induces results through Hyperthermia and peroxidation