Ozone reacts with moisture on the skin producing oxygen and oxidation products which is partly absorbed in the bloodstream and the lymph.

Advantages of ozone:

  Increased circulation
  Improved energy levels
  Improved concentration and focus​​​​​​​
  Improved memory
  Neutralize acids
  Alkalize the body
  Relieve pain
  Reduce stress and Improves sleep​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​  Kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus (this means the immune system gets a boost)

Caution: Only use ozone under care of your healthcare provider

How does ozone work? (The practical explanation)

There is no ozone in drinking water. Ozone is not stable, so when released into water it breaking up on contact into one oxygen molecule and one highly reactive single oxygen atom (O3 = O2 + O1). These reactive molecules then kill all pathogens in the water before binding with another single atom to form oxygen again. This happens within seconds and therefore, there is no ozone in drinking water, only elevated oxygen levels

Ozone in drinking water 

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