pH4Life is a Natural Health and Wellness Centre. We use Live Blood Analysis, Bio-scans and pH tests to confirm conditions and vitamin & mineral deficiencies. We then give you a recovery program and our own blood type diet to correct conditions that may have developed. This includes weight loss or weight gain if needed.

At pH 4 Life we believe that disease cannot survive in a well oxygenated, alkaline body and that it can be stopped by making the body slightly alkaline to a pH level of around 7.0-7.35.
At pH 4 Life all our natural therapies and alkalizing supplements and diet are combined to correct over-acidic bodies to become slightly alkaline and healthy.
Our monthly support program will provide new menus and recipes to make your lifestyle changes possible and even enjoyable. We believe that as long as you enjoy your food, you will make the changes necessary for a better life with much more energy, concentration and all-round performance.

So the 1st step is to book for a consultation. The duration of the appointment
will be 1-1 ½ hour including the consultation and all tests


ETA Bio-Resonance Scanning

Just as every radio channel has its own frequency, so every cell and organ in the human body has its own distinct wave frequency. These frequencies can be measured and compared with the frequencies of healthy tissue, which have been stored in a databank that has compiled standards based on age and gender.

Live Blood Sample Analysis

Have a look at your blood sample under a microscope. Your consultant will take a drop of your blood and analyze the blood under a specialized brightfield microscope. She will then determine the quality of your blood, the presence of acids, micro-organisms like parasites, bacteria and funguses, heavy metals...

Hyperthermia Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a body treatment where the person gets into a special cabinet with just the head sticking out. Steam heats up the body and ozone is released into the cabinet and absorbed into the skin in a process where it interacts with fatty acids to form oxidative by-products which is partly absorbed in the blood...

Lymphatic Massage

Lymph fluid carries cellular waste into the bloodstream for removal by liver. ? Lymph drainage is a deep tissue massage focused on upward strokes to move lymphatic fluids along the length of the body up to where it drains into the bloodstream for cleansing by the liver. Considerable results in Edema and...

Blood Type Group Nutrition

To illustrate the point consider our experience from thousands of clients: Although members of the same family all eat the same foods, their bodies react differently. In our experience, one blood type is clearly more predisposed to developing ulcers while another is more predisposed to cancer. One blood type group thrives on exercise with...


BEMER Therapy is based on physics principles of the interaction of magnetic fields with electrically charged particles such as ions. Ion exchange and ion pumping determine the metabolism of any cell of any living organism, including vertebrates. A pulsed electromagnetic field with specific characteristics promotes the...